To be more of a risk-taker, I did one thing that scared me a day for a year

"Do one thing that scares you everyday" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Many people quote her, yet few people follow through. I decided to take her advice and see how it would affect me if I carried this out for a year.

I posted every task I completed online so the public could keep me accountable. As I completed more tasks, I realized just how many things I stopped myself from doing on a daily basis simply because I was afraid.

My threshold for risktaking increased, and I saw a huge difference in my personality within the first few months. The project has made such a long-lasting impact, and I have no doubt that everything that followed it came from the fact that I became much less risk-averse.

The site caught on and inspired many to start the project on their own, sharing their experiences with me. The project eventually led me to my first residency program at 72andSunny.

Shared by New York Time's Bestselling Author Julien Smith