BACKGROUND: Wall Drawing 792 (1995) by Sol Lewitt

“Natalie Sun is her own biggest art project ”

As someone who is constantly seeking self-improvement, with the desire to project an impossible image of “perfection”, my work thrives off of experiments I design and conduct to become closer to the person I want to be.

When faced with an external challenge, an undesired personality trait, or an unsolved existential question, I use it as an opportunity to design an experiment for exploration. I find the most inspiration in creating modified ways of living to understand the world and my relationship to it.

In a time where the spectacle of perfection is so carefully curated and put on display, my work goes in the opposite direction. My personal life is a performance, and in doing so, I hope others will connect with my struggles.

I am my biggest art project, and a constant work in progress.
In my commercial work, I consult for brands and agencies on how to use technology in a creative way. I use the same techniques to explore the creation of human connections through digital mediums. I see technology as a tool to highlight our humanity, and direct and design projects or moments that highlight vulnerability. 

“You have a way of taking someone else’s idea and making it so much better than what was originally intended” 

I want to investigate the future of performance art in the digital space, and understand how digital platforms change the ways we interact with our audience. By performing the struggle with my imperfections, I hope to change the public perception of the self and allow others to view life as an ongoing process. I hope others will take my experiments and adapt the same methods to understand more about themselves.

For creative consulting:

Webby’s 2016
Webbys People’s Voice Award 2016
Eyeo Festival Artist Fellowship 2016

For Commercial Work:

D&AD Pencil
Shorty Awards
Nominated by 72andSunny for Forbes 30 under 30


Voyage LA Feature

NPR's Scott Simons talks to Natalie about Texting With Cancer

The Real Virtual Show: The Future of Art
Interviewed by Malia Probst of VRScout


Tool of NA (New Orleans, Twitter)
Mirimar US (Klarna US)
N/A Collective
Imaginary Forces
GROW Marketing (AfterPay)
enso collaborative (Mattel)
Snap Inc.
FNDR co.
Quintessentially & Co. (Apple)


Gregory Berg | Berg Studios
Classical Acting | Stanislavski
+ Clown Comedy Workshop with Christopher Bayes (Yale)
+ Solo Performance & Writing with Ann Noble (Part 1 & 2)

Upright Citizens Brigade 
Improv 101 & 102

Goldsmiths University @ British School in Rome
Certificate: Contemporary Curation
Studied with Dr. Simon Sheikh

University of Washington
Communications (Media Studies/Law)
Pepperdine University (2020)

SCI-Arc’s EDGE Symposium (2019)
Invited Guest

Femmebit Festival (2019)
Building Supportive Communities  | Panel with Kamal Sinclair, Anita Sarkeesian and Paisley Smith

SXSW (2018) / CPH Transform (2019)
If You Don't Share It, Did It Really Happen?
Dual talk with RPA CMO Tim Leake

Infinity Festival (2018)
Breaking Through with Creative Tech | Panel with Chick Foxgrover, Lee Brownstein, Jason Kuperman and Tim Leake

Pepperdine University (2017)
Foundations of Digital Art

CalArts: Creative Technology Forum (2017)

Pandora (2017)
Women’s Leadership Week

Brands and VR with VRScout (2017)
Panel with HTC, Pulse Films, Universal Pictures and ADVR

Femmebit Festival (2016)
VR & Empathy  |  Panel with Joanne McNeil

Eyeo Festival IGNITE (2016)
Coping With Art

Glitch City Demo Night (2015)
Bending Your Luck: Engineering Serendipity

DDB Stockholm (2015)
Creative Technology

UCSB Art 201 (2014)
Creative, Code and Concepting