It’s easy to label someone. But we’re all more than a label.

In 2017, the news of Harvey Weinstein's decades of corruption and abuse of power erupted thanks to the bravery of Rose McGowan.

Even so, many people don't know who she is and the struggles that she's had to endure throughout her lifetime to end up with her being scrutinized so heavily in the media. People are quick to judge her motives and personality due to the limited information about her.

BBH came to Tool of NA to create a live, one-night only experience in downtown LA to give people a chance to judge freely.

As a Technical Producer, working with reknowned digital artist Joshua Davis, I was brought on to produce a digital experience that took realtime answers to questions that were posed to the public and populate them into Rose McGowan's portrait, unveiling her face through the many different traits that make up who she is.

We set the interactive projection up in the middle of a parking lot in downtown LA, inviting the public to join us, enticing them with beautiful visuals by Davis shown on a 30k projector.

A mic was set up in the middle of the parking lot, and questions were posed on the wall.

People brought their friends, stepped up to the mic, and shared their thoughts. Debates happened, controversy around the wide range of positive to negative answers to some of these questions got the audience talking. Ultimately, realizing that all of these traits happened to be about just one person made them realize the importance of accepting multidimensionality in people.

Also, we all learned that I have mad-fast typing and spelling skils.

The final outcome, video below, was directed by Danielle Levitt.