Launched a campaign for “Smooother Shopping” for Klarna’s US Launch

Working with the wonderful, Emmy award-winning team at Mirimar, I was brought into help ideate and produce a digital extension to their “Swedish for Smooother Shopping” campaign.

Due to COVID-19, we were limited to what was able to be produced. So the hilarious campaign was made up of vintage Swedish films, poorly subtitled to talk about how awesome and smoooth shopping with Klarna is.

To emphasize JUST how smoooth, we launched a 48-hour smoooth room with hypertargeted films. We gave away 15 prizes, with targeted shoppable films rolling out on social based off of people’s interests. 

“Hey music lover, enter to win Sonos speakers!”
“Hey gamers, enter to win a dope gaming chair”

The campaigned rolled out on all mediums, including a massive takeover of Highsnobiety for the sneakerheads.

And partnering with relevant influencers: