An experimental company inspiring people through creative uses of technology

Previously, as a creative technologist in the ad industry, I worked with clients like Google and Target as a technical creative to integrate artful uses of technology in interactive campaigns. During this time, I realized the creative industry’s lack of exposure to creativity in tech.

As I learned more about the landscape of new media art, I realized the lack of structure in the art and commercial industry for experimental artists to sustain their practice. I began curating and producing shows to inspire the creative community with the artistic possibilities of technology.

NextArt was born out of my passion for integrating art with technology and supporting the artists working in the new digital space. By using my background and corporate connections in advertising, I create opportunities and platforms for experimental artists to showcase work in ways that expand the traditional white cube gallery.

I serve as a producer, curator and creative lead across all immersive projects, establishing relationships with artists and guiding them from ideation to launch of their work.

Through various collaborations, I’m continuing to explore new business and collaborative models to pave the way for new media artists to establish a sustainable practice.

By supporting artists and showcasing their work, Next Art is dedicated to bridging the gaps between creative industries by exploring the ways we can enhance any experience through art tech. We equip our artists with platforms, resources, and opportunities, giving them creative freedom to inspire the community with innovative uses of technology we know and love.


“...high concept art shows with a vibrant party atmosphere, giving innovative artists a chance to show off their work in a physical space”