An AI-powered video booth where people could share their favorite memories of New Orleans.

Working with Tool of NA as a Technical Producer, we were brought in by 360i to help New Orleans celebrate their 300th anniversary.

Using IBM's Watson, we created one mobile booth and one permanent installation where people could share a 45-second story of their favorite memory in New Orleans. Watson would listen to their story and project relevant shots of the city in the background and textures representing their mood over their face, creating a double-exposure-like result.

The mobile version was built inside of a shipping container, meant to travel across the city to different festivals and events throughout the year. The outside was created from reclaimed wood that came from New Orleans, and the 100-year-old doorknob was bought from an antique shop in the city, keeping the fabrication close to home.

On the opposite side, people could watch a gallery of locals giving prompts for possible stories. The wood was covered with a hand-drawn map by artist DJ Neff.