Image by Red Bull

Amplifying a live concert with a unique way of VJing

Red Bull Sound Select: 3 Days in Portland
May 18 – 20, 2017
Wonder Ballroom

After attending our NextArt x Mophonics night, Red Bull reached out to us to do an installation for 3 Days in Portland. They wanted to incorporate a digital artist into their indie artist line-up, but not overpower whatever they had already planned.

We wanted to amplify the musicians on stage and cater to the venue while not overshadowing the Red Bull branding. Acting as producer for the install, I brought in LED Artist Pete Thornbury to create a custom-installation that spanned the length of the venue.

We matched each band’s aesthetics and built an emotional crescendo through the LEDs as the night went on, pushingthe LEDs capabilities by the end of the night.

Pete created and lived VJed in Touch Designer, adjusting the aesthetics as the night went along. Everything was performed live, which amplified the feeling of the audience.

Here's a video we shot of it live