Led a team to explore new ways of creating satire through an experiential lens.

I was called upon by ex-editors of The Onion, who were tasked by the notoriously eccentric billionaire Elon Musk to explore the new frontier of experimental satire.

As Head of Digital, I led a creative team through the process of defining what “experimental satire” meant, and how best to create a identity behind our collective voice. It was a blessing to be given the chance to create projects that were driven by questions we had about the world we live in, rather than revenue goals.

Taking the concepts from the writing team, I led a team of developers and designers to bring each experience to life.

Unfortunately, our patron ran into very public difficulties and was forced to back out of this lofty project. Many of our most ambitiously creative ideas have yet to see the light of day.


Select Publicly Released Projects:

DNAFriend: a commentary on data collection in dna testing

Six Minute Test: challenging the scientific accuracy of personality tests

Mampfen: parodying the Michelin Guide and foodie culture

Tacstorm: Challenging gun enthusiasts

Ploog: making fun of Silicon Valley inventions being the “solve to everything”


“Thud’s projects draw upon the straight-faced style of The Onion [...] but apply it to more immersive projects outside of phony newswriting.”
The Atlantic

“The site is hilarious, and worth spending some time browsing. But like comedy often does, it also gets into some serious themes.”

“Mampfen is the work of the folks from Thud, a comedy and satire website from the folks originally behind The Onion.”