Designed a guide for finding all live social content across platforms

COVID-19 makes for some insane times...and amidst crazy times, you find the need for things to keep you occupied as you wait for the world to calm down.

With the team at N/A Collective, I was brought on to help answer the question: “Where do you go to find live streaming content?”. We designed a guide inspired by the famous TV Guide to help people sift through the thousands of live streaming content that are going on at all times across a great handful of different platforms.

We worked with a scrappy team in a short amount of time to scramble together a guide that lets people choose what they want to watch by category. They could add reminders to their schedule, or click through to whatever platform the content was on.

From here, we realized there could be so much potential for the future of organizing live streaming -- not everyone can be an influencer, but influencers need some sort of hub so people can find all their content. 

So after we cobbled together a pretty good MVP, I designed the wireframes for what we’re calling “Version 2”. Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to make the more robust version come to life. In the meantime: